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Request for Proposals to Assess Current Printing environment


1. Purpose

The purpose of this Bid is to invite service providers to assess Council’s current printing environment and to provide a cost effective solution.

2. Background

Council’s current printer scenario is as follows:
• There are approximately 50 desktop printers being used by individual staff members. Printers are managed by the users on the network and not by an Administrator.
• There are also approximately 20 photocopiers supplied by at least 5 different service providers. Less than half of these photocopiers are connected to the network and some of these photocopiers have even been in use since as early as 2003.

The problem with the current situation is that it can easily be abused which is possible when a user prints large quantities of documents on a desktop printer. The cost per page printed on desktop printers is much higher when compared to multifunction work centres.

In the past Directorates entered into agreements with their own service providers of choice to supply photocopiers, which resulted in Council not being able to keep track of the status quo of such machines.

Attached is a list of Printing Machines and contracts

3. Scope of Work

Bidders are required to do a detailed assessment of the Council’s Reprographics machines and come up with a technical proposal that will ensure that Council implements the most cost effective Reprographics solution.

Assessment should done on the desktop Printers, Scanners, Faxes, network Printers, Scanners, and Copiers

Assessment should also be done on the existing Printing Machines contracts, Usage of machines as per number of users and as per business section’s functions

4. Expected Outputs

Bidders are expected to submit a technical proposal outlining the most cost effective Reprographics solution that Council can implement. The proposal should also advice Council on the best way to deal with existing contracts and SLAs to avoid high penalties.

Closing Date: Proposals must be received by Tuesday, 15 December 2015
14H30. Proposals received after the stated date and time will
not be considered.

Contact Person: Ms Nomvula F Malatjie: Director Corporate Services

The proposals must be delivered to the
Director Corporate Services: Phumelela Local Municipality
Crn: Kuhn & Prinsloo Street Vrede, or posted to Private Bag x 5, Vrede, 9835.
Please note that no faxes or e-mails will be accepted.


Mr. B.W.Kannemeyer
Municipal Manager