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Director Technical Services

Ms Pinkie Mahlophe

Acting Director Technical Services




·      Water & Sanitation

·      Maintenance & Operation

·      Town Planning

·      Project Management Unit


The Head of Technical is mainly responsible to manage the technical department of the Municipality. The main aim of this department is to provide: 


·      solid waste collection and disposal service.

·      sufficient accommodation and housing to all indigents

·      clean drinking water and

·      sufficient sanitation and sewerage systems to all residents


It is the responsibility of this office to ensure that all solid waste generated in the Municipality is stored, collected, transported and disposed of in an efficient, effective and environmentally-acceptable manner and in accordance with sound business principles. The Technical Department ensures that business plans are timeously drawn up for the delivery of housing needs. The delivery of houses and the formulation of appropriate housing policy and strategy need to be strengthened.


They strive continuously to ensure the provision of clean drinkable water that is tested regularly. 


This section provides the following services: but are not limited to the following:


·      Maintenance of water networks

·      Maintenance and cleaning of roads

·      Upgrading of pavements

·      Monitoring the quality of the water (Blue drop).

·      Monitoring the quality of the sanitation (Green drop).




·      To ensure that all areas have access to water supply and infrastructure

·      All access roads to be maintained

·      Cleaning and Maintaining of Public areas

·      Improved storm water maintenance.

·      Re gravelling of existing gravel roads