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Director Corporate Services

Mr Nsizwa Maimela

Director Corporate Services



·      Human Resources

·      Corporate Support

·      Information Technology

·      Public Participation and Communication

·      Community Services


The Director: Corporate Service  is responsible for the Administration and the Human Resource Departments of the Municipality. The main objective of the Director: Corporate Service is to assist the Municipal Manager in the management of municipality, development of a highly skilled and motivated staff, and in the development of dynamic organisational systems and structures. This office provides professional and integrated human resources service to the Council including training and development, employment policy, conditions of service, grading and remuneration and employee performance management structures of the HR Department.

This office also provides a cost effective management and organisational development service including the analysis and improvement of current operating systems. It also plays a leading role in assisting with planning and implementation of new structures as well as strategies in order to improve productivity and efficiency.

The main aim of this department is to provide a comprehensive management service and organisational change service to the Municipality.


This will be measured by:


·      projects delivered according to agreed upon terms of reference;

·      measures, policies and procedures;

·      customer service improvement




·      To provide support and administrative services

·      To provide training and development for Councilors and employees;

·      To develop Human Resources and Administrative Policies for the proper functioning of the Municipality

·      To ensure recruitment and selection of appropriately qualified personnel

·      To promote Socio-Economic development

·      To promote a safe and healthy environment

·      To encourage the involvement of community organizations in the matters of our municipality

·      To ensure the provision of Service to our Communities in a sustainable manner

·      Record keeping